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Stakeholder Involvement

Where Trust is Built, Tremendous Opportunities Arise for Collaborative and Positive Outcomes

If you are a company, real estate developer, utility or governmental entity about to take action that will affect neighbors or other stakeholders you know that their participation and input can be essential to a successful outcome.

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This enables a rational exchange of information among key stakeholders. The project owner has the opportunity to describe the problems it is facing and its current set of possible solutions. Other stakeholders, in turn, are able to communicate their concerns in relation to the problem and possible solutions.

Through stakeholder involvement, members of the public realize that project owners are not out to develop projects with no consideration for others, but rather are people who face significant challenges in developing safe, useful projects. Project owners no longer view members of the public as irrational, but rather as individuals who care about their community and who are equally invested — with the project owners — in maintaining or improving their quality of life. From this (often newfound) respect for one another, trust is built among project owners and their stakeholders. And where trust is built, tremendous opportunities arise for collaboration and positive outcomes.