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Legal Guidance with Perspective

At Press, Dozier & Hamelburg, we take the responsibility clients entrust to us very seriously. When the firm was founded in 2003, it was with a goal of practicing the power of the law with a specific purpose. We always knew we wanted to maintain a certain size so as never to lose the ability to deliver the highest personal service and the greatest value in representation, tailored to the unique issues of every individual client situation.

As respected leaders in our practice areas, we understand the legal intricacies in the industries in which our clients operate. But our counsel is about more than clauses and contracts. We make it a priority to understand your business, what drove you to start it, where you want to see it go. We provide perspective, making sure we offer guidance that is right for you, your life, your business, your organization. Personalized attention, thoughtful business advice and proactive planning and strategizing to achieve your desired result — that is how we measure and define success.

We have built a full service law firm where we are proud to be your advocates.

Responsiveness. Respect. Accountability.

At Press, Dozier & Hamelburg, we believe it is our responsibility to educate, inform and assist our clients in the most personal, thorough and prompt manner possible. We take pride in the fact that we promote a culture of respect; we have a great deal of respect for each other and we work hard every day to ensure that we earn the respect of our clients. Perhaps most importantly, we never forget that we are accountable to our clients for every move we make. Simply, it is our priority to honor every commitment – to ourselves, to each other and, most importantly, to our clients.

"I have worked with many law firms around the country and I can honestly say I have found no other as responsive and professional as PD&H."

 - Amy Palmer, COO, Operation Homefront