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In 2024, Companies Have to Share More Information with the Government

Posted February 9, 2024 by Donald J. Carswell, Jr. (“DJ”) in Articles & Publications, BizLaw 101 Blog

With the rise in financial crimes and money laundering and the increasingly problematic use of “shell companies” to commit these crimes and wrongdoings, the Government decided to take action.  In 2021, Congress passed legislation which included the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”), which requires certain business entities to file a Beneficial Owner Information Report (“BOI Report(s)”)

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Navigating Antitrust Laws: How Small Businesses Set Their Prices May Seem Harmless But Can Be Dangerous

Posted January 4, 2024 by Jamie Kent Hamelburg in Articles & Publications, BizLaw 101 Blog

To small business owners, antitrust laws may feel irrelevant and as though they only apply to industry giants. While headlines often highlight cases involving corporate juggernauts such as Amazon in its 2021 and 2022 price-fixing lawsuits or Google and Facebook, antitrust laws apply to businesses of any size. A Southeastern antitrust case from the early 1980s, for example, involved numerous small road construction contractors but is one of the most significant U.S. antitrust cases to date. This case is a stark reminder that antitrust laws have wide application. They apply to small enterprises, like corner coffee shops and neighborhood bookstores.  

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Why Do So Many People Get HIPAA Wrong? 

Posted August 16, 2021 by Jamie Kent Hamelburg and Julia Cronin in Articles & Publications, BizLaw 101 Blog

HIPAA is not a difficult law to understand but it is one of the most misunderstood laws, often resulting in unfortunate consequences. If you’ve ever wondered whether someone is misusing HIPAA and incorrectly preventing the disclosure of health information, you may be correct. 

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Physical vs. Online Office Space

Posted August 9, 2021 by in Articles & Publications, Real Estate Publications, The Law and Other Musings

As the nation slowly emerges from the COVID pandemic that shut down so many offices, a question that both commercial landlords and tenants must consider is “How important to my business is a physical office”? Our commercial real estate attorneys encourage clients to think creatively about running their business in a physical, online, or mixed office environment.

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Can Employers Require Workers to be Vaccinated Against COVID-19 As Workplaces Reopen?

Posted June 28, 2021 by Jamie Kent Hamelburg in Articles & Publications, BizLaw 101 Blog

As businesses reopen and employees return to the jobsite, a pressing question for employers is whether they can legally require employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. A recent court case in Texas answers this question as “yes," which indicates a court in Maryland, DC, and Virginia likewise would allow COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

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COVID-19's Impact On Landlords and Tenants Still Unfolding

Posted September 26, 2020 by Jamie Hamelburg, Janell Wheeler, and other members of the team at Press, Dozier & Hamelburg in Articles & Publications, BizLaw 101 Blog

COVID-19 has significantly impacted both landlords and tenants alike, and the full effects are still not yet known. Our blog contains important information about the effect of the pandemic on commercial leases, reviews remedies that both landlords and tenants might have, and suggests strategies in response to the pandemic.

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Steps for Virginia Small Businesses to Take During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted April 10, 2020 by in Articles & Publications, BizLaw 101 Blog

We hope that you are well. We know this is a challenging time for all of you—personally as well as professionally. To help you navigate the unique issues raised by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve identified three action items all small business owners should be taking. We hope you will find them useful in this complex and rapidly changing environment.  Like many of you, our attorneys and staff are now working remotely. If you need any follow-up assistance on these or any other matters, we’re just a phone call or email away. Our contact information is at the end of this communication.

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