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Guest Blog- "What's Your Exit Strategy?"

Posted April 8, 2015 by Kristin Michel Rodriguez in BizLaw 101 Blog, Business Publications

You’ve probably heard it before – a business is like a baby.  It takes so much work to give birth to a company and get it through the early stages.  Finally, it grows up and becomes sustainable.  You’ve done the hard work and can now enjoy a successful company while doing what you love.

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Myths About Estate Planning

Posted March 17, 2015 by Cecilia Jones in Trusts & Estates Blog

Myth: Estate planning is too expensive and not that important.

Truth: Estate planning does not have to be expensive at all. There are cost effective ways to do comprehensive planning and maximize the benefit to you and your loved ones. It is important that everyone, regardless of the value of your assets, establish a custom estate plan. A comprehensive estate plan will provide control of your assets during and after death, and is critically important to your overall financial plan.

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Montgomery County “Bans the Box”

Posted February 16, 2015 by Jamie Kent Hamelburg in BizLaw 101 Blog, Business Publications

There is a new law in Montgomery County that affects the employment practices of many businesses.  Effective January 1, 2015, employers in Montgomery County may not inquire about arrests, accusations of crime, or criminal convictions in the job application process until after the first interview. 

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