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Facilitation and Consensus-Building

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Our Alternative Dispute Resolution attorneys work with clients, including all forms of business entities, government agencies and other organizations, to:

In multi-party cases, a neutral facilitator assists parties to achieve their goals by designing meeting processes, establishing ground rules, setting agendas, and organizing and running effective meetings. Using an outside facilitator allows the participants to focus on the meeting substance and more freely express their concerns. Facilitated meetings increase productivity by keeping participants on task and ensuring clear communications and that all voices at the table are heard. When there are public elements to the process, the facilitator tracks and organizes their input.

The goals of facilitated meetings may range from exploring and discussing issues, to educating participants, gathering public input, making recommendations or decisions or combinations thereof. When the goal is to develop recommendations or make decisions, the mediator or facilitator works to build consensus among participants to develop agreements that work for the stakeholders, leading to effective implementation.