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Leasing, Landlord & Tenant

Solid Representation in Leasing, Landlord & Tenant Issues

Rental agreements between landlords and tenants can result in misunderstandings, hard feelings and law suits. At Press, Dozier & Hamelburg, our real estate attorneys understand the complexities that can arise in leasing and other landlord and tenant matters. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we will put your interests and objectives first.

In our real estate practice, we:

We help commercial and residential landlords in a wide range of legal issues including rent defaults, damages to the premises and the retention of security deposits. Our work includes drafting and negotiating leases that clearly and fairly protect landlord rights. We also help landlords be in compliance with laws that provide protections to tenants and to ensure that our landlord clients' rights are protected as well. When disputes arise between a landlord and its tenant, we move quickly to write late payment notices, cease and desist notices, and pursue negotiated settlements or judicial evictions.

We also represent tenants in both residential and commercial leases. We review and negotiate leases, defend against evictions and other legal actions, and handle disputes involving the condition of the premises (including mold issues). Our lawyers have the talent and resources to provide our clients with sound advice and aggressive representation for their commercial and residential needs.