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Employment Litigation

An Employment Litigation Practice Focused On Your Best Interests

At Press & Dozier, our litigation lawyers work with individuals and businesses in employment litigation involving a wide range of issues.  Labor and employment matters are some of the most litigated claims in the Metropolitan Washington area and across the country.  The law in these areas is rapidly evolving at both the state and federal level.  Our employment litigation lawyers have the experience and expertise to handle disputes on behalf of our clients in all manner of employment claims, including:


Our employment law attorneys provide counsel to our business clients to avoid litigation by:

We also assist our business clients by:

Our labor and employment attorneys provide a thorough cost-benefit analysis before commencing any civil or business lawsuit, thoroughly explaining the options so that clients can make intelligent decisions regarding their case — including whether to seek resolution through a method of alternative dispute resolution, negotiate a settlement, or prepare for and proceed to trial. Our employment litigation attorneys have in-depth trial and appellate experience in state and federal courts in Maryland and Washington, D.C.