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Why Lawyers Have Bad Reputations

Posted October 26, 2012 by Daniel P. Dozier in Articles & Publications, The Law and Other Musings

From the New York Post: Dad sues own kid in matter of 'trust'.

Why is it that some lawyers seem to think the courts are designed to solve every problem? Do they think suing someone - even their own children - will intimidate? Dominate? Scare? Resolve the problem?

Whatever, here is yet another story about an attorney with more bluster than brains.

As the Post put it, "This'll make for an awkward Thanksgiving. A high-powered Manhattan lawyer has filed a $3 million libel suit - against his daughter."

The daughter had the temerity to ask for an accounting of her trust fund, managed by the father.

The merits of this case do not really matter. Just think about this family Thanksgiving and be grateful about your own.

According to the Post, the attorney, "who once sued a restaurant for $7 million in a dispute over a $354 tip, said he might be willing to relent" and that the family matter will be resolved. But then why did he file suit in the first place?