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Montgomery County's New Sick Leave Policy

Posted August 16, 2016 by Jamie Hamelburg in Articles & Publications, BizLaw 101 Blog

Montgomery County Imposes New Sick Leave Requirements Starting October 1, 2016.

Montgomery County is imposing a new requirement on all employers regardless of their size.  Starting October 1, 2016, employers must give paid “sick and safe” leave to almost all of their employees.  There are only a few exceptions such as employees who work less than eight hours a week.  The law means that employers now must provide paid leave when their employees, or their employees’ families, are sick or the victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. 

James Stowe, Director of Montgomery County’s Office of Human Rights, told us that the law is intended to provide a much-needed safety net to employees who experience a sudden illness or are the victims of domestic violence. 

There are strict rules as to how the leave accrues, the circumstances for which it can be taken, and how employers need to account for leave earned and used.  The law also requires employers to notify employees about specific aspects of the law and to give them a tally at year’s end on how much time has been taken. 

Employment manuals and leave policies will have to be rewritten to reflect the law’s new requirements. 

We’re suggesting to all our clients that they start the process of amending their manuals and policies now, so that they are in compliance come October 1.

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